Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Medicine

The road to recovery can be difficult. We strive to make your journey back to health a little easier. To begin a program of physical therapy and rehabilitation, you must be a patient receiving treatment in our practice. You may be referred :

  • if you have suffered an injury - to decrease pain and restore function and movement
  • after surgery to restore strength, range of motion, balance and function
  • if your condition or illness interferes with normal activities of daily living

After one of our doctors refers you to the Foot & Ankle Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Medical center, you will receive examinations by our physical therapists and certified trainers. Your program is individualized and may include range of motion exercises, electrical stimulation, hot or cold compresses and ultrasound to reduce swelling and relieve pain. We may also use traction or deep tissue massage.

Our goals are to restore, maintain and promote overall fitness and health.

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