A common ailment seen in Podiatric Medicine is heel spurs. This condition creates a long term inflammation of the plantar fascia under the heel and creates a bloodless inflammation. The tissues have a consistency like cork material and result in constant, dull, heel pain. This problem can occur at any age. If conservative treatment such as changing shoes, orthotics and physical therapy don't alleviate the pain, sufferers may receive a new, non-surgical treatment called ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy).

Extracorporeal ("outside the body") shock waves are created by an acoustic (sound) energy. These shock waves are transmitted by a device called the Orthospec™. Our physicians utilize the Orthospec™ to emit the shockwaves, similar to the shock waves used to treat kidney stones, to increase blood flow and stimulate healing of the heel.

The Orthospec™, converts the chronic inflammation into an acute inflammation allowing the body to heal itself.. It is approved by the FDA and provides a non surgical treatment for the 10% of patients with severe heel pain who do not respond to conservative treatment approaches.

Studies show that 90% of patients who receive the shock-wave treatment either experience complete or partial pain relief. These patients return to a normal, healthy, lifestyle after just one treatment.

Your doctor is the best person to discuss ESW treatment for chronic plantar fasciitis with the Orthospec™.

For more information on the Orthospec™, please visit www.medispec.com/orthospec.html

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